Weekend Yada Yada...

Stuffs accomplished this weekend.

  • Installing Windows -- our TV broke down due to bad memory, which subsequently ruin the whole box. Got a cheap replacement from eBay two weeks ago, and only had managed to reinstall Windows properly last night. Hopefully that will be the last for this year.
  • Installing Linux -- install a refresh rebuild of Gentoo Linux on VMWare Player on my work laptop last week. It actually runs at a very descent speed. I don't dual boot now -- I run them side by side on the same box!
  • Watch MBF leaders sing karaoke -- and that was at LC's home on Saturday. On comment on the singing bits, as I was rocking Anna to sleep when everyone crowded in front of the TV.
  • Walking with Anna -- Anna took her very first step on Sunday -- unassisted! I was leading Bible study at MBF when Anna learned how to walk, but Vivian took some short video clips to capture the moment. Very big accomplishment for her.
  • Understanding depression -- DK explained in all leaders meeting yesterday afternoon on what depression is, and how is it affecting the people we are ministering with.
  • Migrating some sites -- got a shared hosting account elsewhere (at DreamHost), and I have started to move some of my smaller sites over. More about it in the coming days.
  • Doing 2WTL at the end of Bible study -- can't remember how did that happen, but somehow I needed to present 2WTL at the end of Bible study on Sunday, to the whole of my Bible study group. Lucky it hasn't rusted yet. And it is great to affirm which way did some of the members stand.
  • Loosing one hour sleep -- due to day light saving, of course. That one hour won't be returned until March next year, and it has been lent "interest free"! Aargh!

Another busy week. 2 more months to Christmas. Can't wait.