Scripturizer for Javascript 2.0 and ESV Popup 1.1

Today I have migrated Scripturizer for Javascript and ESV Popup from my personal blogsite to, and have updated them with the latest changes that I have been working on.

Scripturizer for Javascript 2.0

  • Almost a complete re-write. Instead of searching and replacing innerHTML with regular expression, I have made a DOM walker to create DOM elements and text nodes in places of Bible references. It runs faster on MSIE, and pauses every 500 nodes parsed to make UI more responsible on large documents.
  • Link URL generation is now done on the fly -- so you can change Scripturizer's parameter on a parsed document, and the new parameter will still be used. See example on testing page by changing the Bible translation.
  • Fully tested on Safari 1.2.x on Mac OS X.3 and Opera 8.5 on Windows.

ESV Popup 1.1

  • Better MSIE compatibility. It now also uses CSS filter to draw a shadow under the popup for Internet Explorer.

Future development of these tools will be announced on this blog.