Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin 0.4

Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin has now been migrated from my old blogsite to 0.4 had some minor changes to resolve certain permalink issues reported by its users.

  • Properly handle multi-page archives, and multi-page post entry.
  • Force an exact match to the permalink, instead of just checking for partial match.

So if you have a permalink structure that does not have a trailing slash, and when a trailing slash is present in the request, 301 will be returned to redirect the browser to the correct permalink.

At the same time, as the checking rule is more rigid in 0.4, I am afraid that it might break some special URL generated by other plugins. So if 0.4 does not work in you, you can either (1) report the issue and I will see whether there's a workaround (2) roll back to 0.3 which is a bit more flexible.

Update 2005-10-24: MacManX pointed out a silly bug in my code, so I quickly patched it up and call it 0.4.1 to save further embarrassment.