Moved to DreamHost is now hosted on DreamHost. Using the cheapest hosting plan, but it still provides me far more than I need. 4.8Gb space and 120Gb bandwidth a month. Shell on Debian-based Linux server. Cron job. Etc. It is actually the first time I signed up to a hosting account -- most my other sites are still hosted on my Gentoo box at home, pumping data to the world at just-fast-enough 512kbits/sec (sometimes goes down to 0.5kbits/sec when I am torrenting).

DreamHost is, well, not bad. I am still getting used to how everything works, and might give a review later this week. A hosted solution is never going to be as good as having all your sites sitting behind the desk in your study room. No root access, higher latency from where I usually work (on the bed with my lappy), limited storage, and DreamHost's control panel simply sucks. But at least your sites don't suddenly go offline when Energy Australia decided to come and fix the power-line next to your home.

Which is what happened to me last Saturday.

Note -- if you are looking at signing up one of the most popular host out there, use promotion code "FUCODER" when you sign up yearly plans, and you will get USD$77 discount. I'll get $20 referring you.