Google Office

Someone caught Google and Sun hang out together!

10 more hours to go before the announcement, and I would really like to see:

  • Google branded StarOffice!
  • Google services integrated into the office suite.
  • OpenDocument being declared as the "Internet Standard", regardless what legacy system (read "MS Office") you are using on your desktop.
  • Everyone wants to upgrade to StarOffice/ and update their "legacy files" to the new "Internet Standard".
  • International "dump ya Word file" day a huge success.
  • Microsoft is now forced to export OpenDocument from their still-proprietary MS Office suite.
  • Microsoft got driven out of from the desktop office suite market.
  • Yeah!!!

Well, in my dream (but I hope it is not). I have just wasted a day debugging a conversion issue between ODT and WW8. My day will be much much more productive if everyone is using OpenDocument format.

David Smith has the rumour summarised.