Blog Design Mistakes

Via ProBlogger. Jakob Nielsen wrote an interesting article on the top ten design mistakes. While Jakob has been famous for not applying his own suggestions ( as evidence), he has actually made some very good points in those articles he wrote.

Now, let's see what else I need to do to improve this blogsite:

  1. No Author Biographies
    Got it here. As a personal blog, a place to dump my rants, "personal credentials" is not something that really matters. However it would be important for my other niche-specific blogs.

  2. No Author Photo
    Got it here too! Does that give you enough "personal impression"? I don't have it yet with my other blogs, which I intend to just use a generic one hosted on Gravatar. And I found it is true -- a photo does help author and readers to relate, especially with those wondered in from nowhere.

  3. Nondescript Posting Titles
    A descriptive title is important not just for the existing readers, but also for search engines, who bring in your future readers. However I always struggle to choose between a catchy title and a descriptive title. Logic tells you the later is better, but sometimes you just want to blog about what comes to your mind first.

  4. Links Don't Say Where They Go
    Happens to me regularly. Usually goes like here and there, this and that. It is an art to create meaningful hyperlinks, without disturbing your sentences. I guess I am just not literally inclined to do so.

  5. Classic Hits are Buried
    Need to come up with a list of "Classic hits of Scott's Blog" or "The Best of 2001-2005", and put it somewhere. What happen when you don't have a "classic hit"?

  6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation
    Calendar? What calendar? However I think I need to go back to re-categorise some of my older posts. I am using WordPress cat2tag plugin, and it is easy to create heaps of tags to categorise blog posts.

  7. Irregular Publishing Frequency
    Arrgh!! But see my thought on Aristotle's article -- most readers would be reading via an RSS aggregator anyway, and there is no point to write junks everyday just in case they came back and check everyday.

  8. Mixing Topics
    This blog is quite a mix. I shall gradually move topics elsewhere -- bargain deals/product reviews to the Bargain Blog, programming/techie stuff to and WordPress stuffs to WordPress-Fu. However, as they don't rank well, I still feels a bit reluctant to move out from here.

  9. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss
    Actually, by writing here might actually attract some recruiters. Who knows -- maybe one will be my future boss, one day. Of course, responsible writing is not just there to please your imaginary future boss, but also how one should live as a Christian.

  10. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service
    Nah. Bought this domain 2 and half years ago, and hopefully I can keep it for long. I think I am too much a "control-freak" in terms of hosting -- I love to host on boxes that I have root access to, so that I can do whatever I want with it. If it is slow, or generating lots of errors, or getting hacked due to lack of diligence -- I am the only one to blame.

Looks like quite a few todo's...