Working Aboard?

Got an email this morning, from the technical recruiting team of... hmm, let's call the company "A", one of the largest on-line retailer in the world that I wish had a presence in Australia. She said that there will be interviews in Sydney next month, and asked me whether I would be interested in software engineer or technical leader type of roles.

Wow. Working for a BIG dot com firm. That sounds tempting. Then I realised that the interviews in Sydney are for positions in Seattle.

That is almost half way across the world from here. Besides cold winter and American English, it is really just too far for me. So I wrote back declining the offer.

If it was 6 years ago, when I was a fresh-grad, still young, single not attached and energetic, I would definitely not let this opportunity slip. If it was 3 years ago, when I was married but no kids, a little bit more mature and had a little bit more experience, I would think about it and count the cost and benefit.

Today, at an age approaching 30 (aarrgh!!), married with a baby kid, very much settled down, too lazy to move on -- the idea of working aboard just no longer attracts me. It gives me headache already when I hear the word "travel".