Opera is now free (as in beer)

Opera turned 10 last month, and gave away free registration code. I guess they must have been overwhelmed by the response, and now they are giving away their browser for free -- forever! They have free Opera for most modern desktop operating systems. Download Opera 8.50 today, otherwise you might not know what you have missed out!


And that gotta be one of web developer's biggest nightmares ever. You already have someone evil (Internet Explorer) and someone good (Mozilla/Firefox), and now you have a third browser platform which you need to support, as being free might potentially mean that it would become popular, one day (finger crossed). Javascript and DOM are the most basic building blocks for today's Web 2.0 applications, and major vendors cannot even agree with each other.

I have just spent two hours working out why onMouseOver and onMouseOut events do not work properly on Opera, and tried to find hack to work around it. And I need to get it working on Safari 1.3, Safari 2.x and Konquerer. Maybe.