New Blog --

There have been basically two types of "readers" on this blog.

One is either my family, friends, church friends or other strangers who are interested in part of my daily life, my Christian opinions, and my occasional rant over things that do not really matter. They got bored reading posts with too many tech jargons, and they'll usually skip an entry if occurrence of words like "WordPress", "Python" or "Google" exceeds their fairly minimal threshold.

The other is the complete opposite. They usually landed here in the first place via a search engine, looking for WordPress plugins, Javascript hacks or code pieces, and then they stayed reading other craps I wrote. They have absolutely no interest in who this "Scott Yang" guy is, the belief he has, or other things he does besides programming.

I know it is not that polarised, and some people ought to jump up and down now yelling "I am neither!" or "I am both!" Well, consider yourself a minority and move on :)

That was the whole point behind this new site that I am setting up. Let me introduce you my new blogsite:

From now one, I will be blogging more tech-oriented material on, sparing some of you guys from tech buzz word overload. I shall gradually move all my coding projects that I have previously posted here over to the new site. So if you are only interested in my tech opinions and programming bits -- head over there now and there won't be a need to come back here.

And with "Playground", it will be geared more towards my life, church, ministry, current affairs, "quickies" and other miscellaneous stuff. You still will not mistaken the geekiness in me, but most technology discussions will be moved to that other site.

I have actually acquired the domain 2 months ago with the intention of creating a tech blog. "Coder", because I intended to have more programming/development related entries. "Fu" is taken from the context of "Kung-Fu". Referring to the explanation on Wikipedia:

Fu is a suffix coined from the popular Western usage of kung fu, and used to denote particular "mastery" of a subject, such as anime fu, cooking fu, math fu, etc. Ironically, in this sense fu is closer to the original Chinese meaning of kung fu (功夫) than the popular Western usage of the word kung fu is.

I was looking at "CodeFu", but too bad domains under popular TLDs have all been taken, so I picked up "". Originally I was going to use Drupal, but was overwhelmed by how much I need to customise to get a personal blogsite going. So at the end I basically gave up, and ported my half-designed template to WordPress.

The little logo at the top-left hand corner is indeed the original Kung-Fu game released by Nintendo in 1985, which represents the geek aspect of my new blogsite. All images are prepared by Gimp running under either Windows XP or Mac OS X. There are still IE-peek-a-boo issues with some pages, but I think I won't bother :) Those who are interested in reading a tech blog won't be surfing with Internet Explorer anyway.