Issue with New Blogs

Almost two weeks ago I launched my new programming/Internet blogsite. It does not make me write more -- actually due to my current schedules I actually wrote less. All it did was splitting up the content, so that my programming and Internet related posts get filed elsewhere.

Good idea, as I have originally thought, and as some commenters have also suggested. However, there are also some issues that I have discovered this week.

I think the biggest problem is "traffic". Being honest, many bloggers do not really write for the sake of writing, but they also write, seeking the satisfaction that their work can be read by many. How do you get traffic? Besides good content to start with, your site linked by other relevant sites, optimised and well structured, before it can be favoured by search engines.

My Playground site has been on the net for 3-4 years, and sometimes even I myself was surprised why certain keywords on SE would bring visitors to my site. For example, searching for iPod Nano in Google Australia would see my very brief post sitting there on the first page (and resulting 60% of my AdSense earning last week).

It was initially just a quickie post -- one paragraph, no real content, but somehow drew visitors who were thinking of buying the latest gadget from Apple and then clicked on the ads. See how useless content in a relatively-popular site can be escalated in terms of importance?! I have no complain about that.

On the other hand, my feedparser Atom 1.0 patch on my new site, while considered more useful, can hardly be located on the search engines. I know quite a few people actually searched for it, and Uche Ogbuji from actually made his own feedparser hack to get it working for Atom 1.0 (and thanks to Aristotle for plugging me in many places).

What can I say?! Playground has PR 5, but FuCoder has no PR at all.

I wonder how many other "treasures" can hardly be located due to bad PageRank on the site.