Hitch Eeek. I am going to do an out-of-date movie review again, only because Vivian and I cannot afford to go to cinema under our current circumstance. DVD rented this week -- Hitch, a romantic comedy starring Will Smith as the "date doctor", who has been helping desperated men to "sweep off" the feet of the women of their dream, and have found his own true love at the end.

Well, I just realised that my description makes this movie sounds very sexist, but in fact it is not the case. A very entertaining comedy (some might even call it a chick flicks) that features good acting and NOT Will Smith blowing things into pieces. Kevin James, of "Albert" in the movie, is a classic, as someone who almost stole the whole show. Vivian and I were laughing all the way through. A nice DVD to rent for a relaxing evening for sure.

As for the guys, there might be some hint in there from our date doctor. After all, as the psychologists in the special feature section of the DVD have concluded, that 'competence' is what most girls look up to. That reflects a bit on the Sunday sermon last week on 1 Timothy 2:11-15, where Josh showed sympathy towards those Asian churches that employ female preachers in a general congregation. Not that they are supporting the feminist movement (and discarding the word of God), but they are forced into the situation as there is no competent, motivated, willing and able guys taking up the leadership!

So, not just for the girls, but for the sake of your home churches that are lacking male leaders, stop playing World of Warcraft and do something about it!! No, I am not inferring to anyone specific :)

Another interesting observation in the movie is how people do their research. Hitch needs to know about a particular person. Gossip column editor needs to find out someone's secret. And they all go to the same place -- Google -- just like the rest of us! The word "google" has been used a few times as a verb in the movie, and when someone says "search about him", that usually implies "google him"!

Are you googlable? (sorry for using it as an adjective) It might be a bad thing, but it can also be good.

Bad if you happen to be The New Idea or Women's Weekly's next target, and I suggest that you shouldn't keep an on-line journal or blogsite if you are living in a life-style that might attract gossip column's attention. Or learn about robots.txt.

Good if you need some kind of credential. Not if you appear in the crime section of the news paper often though. However, if you know that people would google your name for information, it is then important to put that good side of you on it if possible. Fresh-grads from Comp. Sci/Eng often complained to me that they cannot find a job because they have no experience, and almost all jobs require some kind of credential. I am pretty sick of it already so I am going to make it clear -- in this information age, it cannot be easier to be somebody! FOSS projects -- pick up a few and gain some experience, right from your bedroom. And make sure you are googlable. If I am going out to hire a software developer now, the rule is simple. If your name cannot be googled, you will not be hired. Period.