Got My Mini

Dodo wearing my Visa Mini No. Not this one (I wish). Nor this one (I truly wish). But NAB's Visa Mini credit card, which I have previous reviewed here.

Went to a NAB branch after lunch today to pick up the card. Waited for half an hour, an came back with the "pack". Besides instructions and other terms and conditions, the "pack" came with two cards -- one regular size, and one mini size. There is also a bag of "accessory kit", including a strap, phone attachment, a clip and a card protector.

Here's a picture of Dodo, Vivian's stuff toy brother, demonstrating how you can wear your Visa Mini credit card with the included strap.

And no, you won't catch me dead wearing it on the street. I still can't get over why people wear mobile phones around their neck -- let alone a shining credit card! And wearing credit card on your chest is just the silent form of yelling "mug me! mug me!" -- and I am pretty sure your wishes will be granted in dark streets in Kingsford.

The only reason that I got this credit card is its cash back program. It gives you exactly 1% cash back for every dollar you spent -- up to $10 a month. That is a very generous reward rate. The credit card that I usually use, ANZ's Reward Card, gives only around 0.53 cents back for every dollar you spend.