Google Talk Account Locked

This morning when I tried to sign on with Google Talk, a warning message popped up saying "You account has been locked", and asked me to go to Google's website to unlock my account.

As I have been reading too much AdSense forum on WebmasterWorld lately, my immediate reaction was "uh-oh". I thought Google has somehow found fault in my AdSense activities, and has banned my account, making my advertisement money unclaimable!! Aarggh! My hard-earned cash -- even though it is not that much to boast about...

Then I realised that my AdSense/AdWords account does not link to my Gmail/Google Talk account, as I initially used my personal email address to set up AdWords 2+ years ago. I logged into my Google account, and have tried hard to locate this "Unlock My Bloody Account" button. Can't find it anywhere, but I did spot on the Password page, it says:

Password strength: Too short

Well, apparently Google thinks my 8 character-long, alphanumeric randomly mixed password is not strong enough. So I ended up generating a 16 character-long mumbo jumbo that there is no way I can remember, pasting into the password field, "Save", pasting the same into the Google Talk client, "Login", and it works. I am back on Google Talk again :)

Thank you Google for keeping our security intact! Now I just need to do the same with my sanity.