God is Wonderful

Sunday, 1:15pm

Bible passages we were looking at was 1 John 3:16-5:5. In one of the application questions, it asked us to discuss practical ways to demonstrate our love for our Christian brothers. Instead, I asked everyone to share something that they should have done but failed to do last week, and how we can be accountable towards each other, making sure that we do what we intended to do this week.

Everyone shared. And it was my turn. I talked about calling these two guys up -- two Christian brothers that have been on my mind for a while, but I have always failed to contact them and asked them how they are going. I noted down that I shall call each one of them up sometime this week, just to catch up.

Sunday 8:20pm

I was at home, helping Vivian to cook. Suddenly the phone rang. It was from GL! One of the two people that I said I intended to call earlier that morning! The last time I chatted with him was just a bit less than a year ago, and I was amazed how much he has grown over the last 12 months.

In 2003 MYC, he was the "Mr. Grumpy" in the group. Lots of "strange" ideas, and really has an attitude. He was on and off church, had a non-Christian girlfriend, and when he was about to go back to Shandong, China in early 2004, I was really worried about whether he was right with God.

And I know that I should have trusted God to carry his own flocks. GL has been actively serving in the church back in Shandong, and he is now leading fellowship groups two nights a week for young factory workers in town. He has grown so much in maturity, and has turned into someone who is trustworthy, dependable and reliable. A Christian brother that is really encouraging. God has the power to change a person in an unexpected way. Isn't God wonderful?

And he is getting married too! To a Christian girl, as he emphasised. He has to explicitly tell the girl that Christ should be No. 1 for both of them, and she will only ever be number 2. Ha! He is the one who has really got the priority right.

There are much to pray for him, as being an educated young Christian in a rural town populated with factory labours isn't easy. He has been given a lot of responsibility, whether he was ready or not. There are also other issues but I won't list here. But please pray for GL, if you have known him personally (I know many of my readers are!)

Yeah. God is wonderful.

Now I need to remember to call the other guy.