Constantine DVD we watched on Tuesday this week: Constantine, starring Keanu Reeve as a self-serving exocist trying to buy him own way to heaven, and Rachel Weisz as psychic catholic cop targetted by the son of Satan in this heaven-hell power struggle.

My reaction after watching it -- huh?! Yes, it is that bad. Again this movie proves that Reeve not only sucks at Kung-Fu, his woody acting made the already irrational plot really painful to watch. The final 15 minutes is such a twist, in an unexpected way. Unexpected in the sense that you wonder how much worse can it get. I shall call it a happy ending -- the baddie is gone (sort-of), hero and heroin are together and the world is temporarily a peaceful place -- just that audiences probably won't experience that happiness in its setup.

And the movie is full of religious themes -- God, Lucifer, heaven, hell, angels, demons, redemption, 1 Corinthians with 21 chapters -- and heaven and hell are portrait in the way that they are two powerful leagues trying to steal people from the big blue planet in the middle. Theology wise, huh? Theology? At least Angela got it right at one instance with John Constantine, as she questioned him that he cannot possibly buy his way into heaven. However, later on Constantine demonstrated that there is still a chance he can be accepted by God by performing the work of self-sacrifice, i.e. you are just buying it with your own life, except the whole rapturing process was interrupted by Satan... Oh well.

However, it does give us a nice effect on how terrible hell is. They are trying to create a burning scene where you would not want to be there, even just for a minute let along for eternity, according the documentry on production. Today people hardly believe in the existance of hell...

The only redeeming performance (no pun intended) are from Rachel Weisz and Peter Stormare, the guy who played Satan/Lucifer. That's in comparison with Reeves, of course.

Give it a pass when you are in the DVD shop next time.