WordPress.com's Invites

Matt announced about the invites you need to be part of the recently announced WordPress.com. You cannot just "sign-up" to this latest WordPress based service. You will need an invite, just like how you usually get onto sites like Orkut, Gmail or Yahoo 360. Except the catch is -- everyone will only have one invite.

The idea is for people to use their "golden ticket" for the person who is most likely to really take advantage of the service, rather than spraying invites willy-nilly across the internets.

I wonder whether the "golden" ticket method will work. You only need one bad seed to destroy the whole chain -- unless the biggies are allowed to have multiple invites to spread around, just in case one thread dies. I am also wondering about the service provided by WordPress.com. Maybe it is something like TextDrive.com, where the fundings can feed back into more development of WordPress?

Anyway. I put my email address in for notifications, and it said "Thanks". I guess I will just need to wait and see.