WordPress 1.5.2 Released

As I was blogging about the latest Drupal security update, and how slow the WordPress team reacts to security exploits, WordPress 1.5.2 was released by Matt, Ryan and co, fixing 10 bugs according to Trac milestone.

Well done guys. A little bit slow, as Googling wordpress register_globals has already revealed quite a few ready-to-use exploits written in Perl and PHP. But then I guess WordPress' popularity has to be blamed. Unlike the release however, the official announcement includes links to bugs tracked by Trac and SVN changesets, which helps us users to know what actually got changed. Instead of just a message saying, "something is bad, please upgrade."

If you are not proficient enough with SVN, Trac or diff, Owen Winkler has blogged about WP 1.5.2 changes in easily understandable point forms.

I am now in the process of upgrading around 20 WP blogs hosted here to the latest version. I am using Gentoo's webapp-config, and with a customised ebuild file, I am now almost half way through.

Update: All FOCUSer.net WP sites are now running 1.5.2.