Traffic Jam

Sometimes, something new that you tried to introduce into your life, that was designed to patch up certain issues, has actually produced a negative effect and makes things even more miserable. No, I am not talking about computers, which is partially true I fear. I am talking about the Sydney CBD traffic this morning.

I hopped onto a city-bound bus this morning at the usual time, but I have only managed to arrive at the office 30 minutes later than what I expected. Traffic was literally bumper to bumper this morning in almost every street in the CBD, due to the Cross City Tunnel opening today.

I thought the tunnel was built to improve Sydney's already congested traffic. Charging motor passenger vehicles up to outrageously expensive $5.13 per pass electronically without a real person taking your coins -- all that is supposed to give us faster and more smooth access to the CBD. Nah. Didn't happen this morning, and according to SMH the disaster might last for another 6 weeks, before the "benefit" can kick in.

No wonder listed infrastructure trusts are booming.

No wonder everyone is moving to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.