The Interpreter

The Interpreter Watched The Interpreter on Tuesday night on DVD. Directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, it has quite a twisty plot. An assassination plan that turned out to be fake, but someone who initially cared less turned out wanting to have the president dead.

However the plot wasn't unfolded in a logical way. Too many coincidence without purpose and explanation. Ending is also quite predictable. However, it does have some things for the audiences to ponder upon.

My favourite quotes in the movie:

Silvia Broom: Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

Silvia Broom: Non-violent solutions may take longer, but the outcome is certainly worth the wait.

These were certainly not what the FBI agent was expected, who initially assumed tragedy and grief would give her desire for revenge. And he was partially right, as being merciful and compassionate is really not part of our human nature. Silvia still needs to overcome her own grief at the end, with what she believes but not what she desires.

By the way, Civic Video in Kingsford, is now offering $2 a movie on Tuesday, and that applies to over-night DVD's as well. They said they were just trying it out to attract customers, so the deal will be offered for limited time only. Sounds like Tuesday nights will be video nights for me then.