Sydney and phpBB

Just noticed the vast similarity between Sydney (biggest city in Australia) and phpBB (open source forum software).

phpBB Sydney
Most popular open source forum software. Searching for "Powered by phpBB" on Google returns 4,770,000 results today. Most crowded city in Australia. Population is around 4 million people and growing.
Had a humble beginning, when PHP developer James Atkinson wanted a forum for his website in 2000. Had a humble beginning, when the Brits wanted to dump their convicts in late 1700's.
Has great features, customised hacks, styles/templates and a great community. A great and multi-cultural community as well. You can find almost anything you need here, and great natural scenary.
Lots of security exploits this year, and shared hosts now are all banning it from deployed. Not a good year either. Traffic is bad, air is bad, public infrastructure is getting really overloaded. SMH is now running a compaign to save Sydney.
But all the patches look like bad hacks on top of spaghetti code, which sometimes introduced just more vulnerabilities. But all the patches look like bad hacks on top of poorly designed city plans, which sometimes just makes living more miserable.