SixApart Announced Unlimited Blogs

Via ProBlogger: SixApart has announced unlimited blogs for MovableType's free users. Mena from 6A said,

... with version 3.2, *all users* will be entitled to unlimited weblogs. This goes for free users, as well. A lot of the rationale behind this was that the multiple weblog management is so good in 3.2, that we didn't want to have the limit anymore.

I have not tried the latest MovableType beta -- in fact I have not touched MT since 6A introduced MT3's license pricing last year. However, from the trackback it appears that MT users have mostly welcomed the changes, and some even speculate the departure of users from WordPress.

Congratulation to SixApart and Movable Type users!

However, what Mark Pilgrim wrote 15 months ago still rings true. Lowering the barrier. Adding more buzzwords. Giving away features that cost users nothing -- none of these would give you the freedom some other alternatives can give you. While it is true, as SixApart has claimed, that Movable Type's pricing model will suit majority of their users, who are bloggers trying to set up their personal on-line journals, but for those who have previously been bitten -- I don't think they will be trapped again.