Ordinance Part 3

This name should have been named "Grimmo's Induction", but too bad Thomas has already chosen that :) At the same time I guess the fact that Paul has been induced as the new Rector of the University Churches, as well the new Chaplain of UNSW, should conclude my previously written blog entries on ordinance. (part 1 and part 2)

The service -- or should I say the welcome ceremony -- kicked start at around 6:15pm. Not as many people as I have expected. Around hundred'ish gathered in the Science Theatre, witnessing the license being handed over to Paul. Now it is official -- Grimmo as the rector of the University Churches, something that he has already been responsible for over the last two and half years. There were welcome addresses from the university authority, the Anglican diocese and local parish members. You also got to see some of the familiar faces again -- Rob and Deryck from the diocese, Andrew as the newly induced rector of St. Marks Malabar, etc.

Somehow I found the programme not as radical as it would have been, if say, PDJ was chairing the meeting. Previously we were always given the impression that the Christian ministry on the campus was constantly under oppression by the university authorities, which marked themselves as the "baddies". In the remark given by Rob yesterday, he talked about the history and the importance of the role of a uni chaplain. It was spoken in the way that is respecting the university authority, which I think is important as in some sense we are still depending on it. After all, as Rob has emphasised, that the role of chaplain is not just providing challenges but also providing services. We want the university to see that having a chaplaincy on the campus is beneficial and is in the best interest of both parties.

University ministry is important and strategic, and we are acting in the way preparing for the long haul...