Merroo Bug

Many came back from the MYC 2005 suffered some kind of illness. Must be a nasty virii that were spreading around. Tim was very very sick today. M & J did not come to Bible study, even though they only went to the graduate conference. Both K & V from ESF were sick, and I have heard of many other incidences where people got struck down by this bug, and stayed pretty much disabled for 3-4 days.

Leo called it the "Merroo bug", as the Merroo Conference Centre is where MYC was held every year. It has certainly caused some serious damage here.

The funny thing is, I did not go to MYC this year. I went to the holiday at the Gold Coast instead, but I still caught that bug last week. Felt very sick on Thursday, spent almost the whole day sleeping on Friday, slept most of the Saturday afternoon, and still had not fully recovered today. Totally hated being sick.

So, if you suddenly feel sick this week, having running nose that just refuses to be turned off, drowsiness all day long, inability to lift yourself from the bed, loosing all your voice -- then you know what hits you. The "Merroo Bug".