Lost a Keyword

Horror! Horror!

When I typed in unsw church into Google this morning, and there came the shock. Our FOCUS church website is no where to be seen in the first page of search result. Second page, third page... and I have finally found our lonely website sitting there in that horrible page 6, together with other web pages that have nothing to do with Christian churches. I swear. It was there last week - at the top spot first page. What has Google done?!

Another targeted keyword, unsw christian, also dropped to the second spot on the first page, behind the Chinese Christian Fellowship (why oh why?!). Looking at other keywords that I was previously working at for our church website, the result was disappointing. What has Google done?

Horror! Horror!

"UNSW Church" is the major keyword that I wanted to target, as it automatically captured other keywords where overseas students might search prior to coming to Australia:

Instead of blaming what has Google done, I should have asked, "what have I done"?! There is always a risk re-doing the whole website, when your old site has already got good position in your targeted search engine keywords. I took that risk last month, and now I suffered the consequence. Bad.

And looking at the index page of the church website, I could not really find the keyword "church" being targeted. It was no where in the title. Not inside any heading element. Not in prominent positions. Maybe I will try to fix that. However, neither was the old site! That made me wonder how I scored that top spot previously.

Maybe it was the link - I know quite a few people linked to the FOCUS church website using the keyword "church", and Google honored the link text in its indexing algorithms. Link text is important for search engine optimisation for Google. You can almost optimise a certain keyword without optimising that keyword on that page. However, my suspicion is that it does not carry over to a new web address, even if you do a 301 permanent redirect. Most people linked to the website with www. follow by the domain name, but our new address has it without. That was why I kept on linking to our church website again and again, hoping to Google bomb the mighty G again to grant that keyword back to us :)

Meanwhile, I think I'll just go back to Google Adwords to force our church website back onto targeted keywords, while I am working on SEO. Fortunately it is a cheap keyword to target.