Google Talk

Google Talk Google Talk - Jabber based instant messenger with integrated voice chat. Yes, it is indeed based on the IETF's XMPP, that is compatible with many existing Jabber clients. It is great to see Google embracing the standard. My Google Talk ID is "scott.yang", and I shall be there in the evenings.

Has its VoIP protocol been analysed and documented somewhere? I wonder whether Google would stick to the standard and use SIP/SIMPLE setup.

Some other questions of mine:

  • Would it support XMPP's inter-server protocol, so Jabber users on other servers can chat with Google Talk users?
  • How does Google Talk fit into Google's overall strategy? What is the bottom line?
  • Will we see contextual targeted ads popped up in the middle of a conversation, when Google Talk detected certain keywords?

More to come...

Update: Found some of my answers on Google Talk's developer info.

5. What protocols are used for voice calls?

Google Talk supports a custom XMPP-based signaling protocol and peer-to-peer communication mechanism. We will fully document this protocol. In the near future, we plan to support SIP signaling.

So the voice is actually embedded inside XMPP's XML packets at the moment, streaming across HTTP proxy. Not very efficient I'll say :) But it does manage to penetrate through our firewall.

There are also heaps of info on that page. It says at the bottom of the page:

3. Do you plan to support the Google Talk client on other platforms?

We look forward to the Google Talk client supporting Linux and Mac OSX in the future.

Oh yeah. Time to dump Skype :)