Google Desktop Sidebar

Can I smell a bit of competition in the desktop widgets arena, especially between mighty search engine portals? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator a while ago, which subsequently became Yahoo! Widgets. Now Google strikes back, released the new Gogle Desktop 2 beta yesterday with Sidebar, where you can also customise by adding widgets3rd party plugins.


Search-wise I prefer Google, however Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widgets look nicer, Konpose really makes sense (even though an Apple rip-off), it is easier to develop (only need to do Javascripting), and also integrates better with Yahoo's international service. Google Desktop Sidebar is currently a bit useless to me at the moment as I cannot keep track stock prices on ASX, nor weather report in anywhere outside the North America. And I have no desire to develop for it either -- as I would not touch COM with a 6 foot long pole.

Not sure whether MSN would join the party. That will be even more interesting.