Marrying Hongkie

Yesterday I went to my ex-course mate Gary's wedding. A big one I'll say. Around 300 people crowded into St. Clement to witness the big day - people from two difference churches, families, colleagues, friends, bible college, etc. A big night as well, as the wedding continued in the Chinese banquet style. We got to catch up with people that we have not caught up for years, and also met some people that we did not expect to meet.

One interesting observation I had, however, is about Taiwanese guys marrying Hong Kong girls. There were exactly 4 Taiwanese guys in my year, when I started my B.E. Computing in UNSW back in 1995. One got married to a Hong Kong girl 5 years ago (that's yours truly). M married to J, another Hongkie, less than 3 months ago. Gary married to a Francis yesterday, who was also from Hong Kong. And over the banquet table I heard that F is getting married in 2 months - to, guess what, a Hongkie!!!

That is four out of four, 100 percent of Taiwanese guys marrying Hong Kong girls, sampled from my ex-course mates who started uni 10 years ago. Statistically the result is indeed quite interesting, as you can definitely see a "trend" here. What about the derived social implication? I will leave that for you to analyse :)