Is "leadership" a personality that was born with you, or is it something that can be acquired later on in life through study or training? If it is the later, how old you need to be before you loose the opportunity to "get it"? I am not just talking about "servant-hood", that Christians consider as how "leadership" is demonstrated. I am talking about the ability to lead, willingness to show initiative, charisma, etc. The characteristic that can bring an idea to fruitation. The attitude that can gather crowd and achieve.

I remembered once talking to PG, he said that it is in fact much easier to kick start a student ministry in USyd than in UNSW. The reason? USyd students tend to have that leadership attribute in their blood. It is easier to get an idea rolling, as people will take initiative, get organised, and lead to succeed. It is not that the graduate courses there are particularly encouraging the students to taking leadership, but just how the students were when they entered the uni. For example, if you want to get into politics in Australia, there is only one obvious choice - The University of Sydney. At the same time, if you are in politics, it is most likely that you'll send your kids to USyd as well. This "prestige" factor affects where some of the able, rich and famous send their kids to. Those kids grew up observing how leadership is exercised, and it is just second nature to them to take up responsibilities. They were brought up thinking that they can lead, and most of the time it also happens to be case.

It might be too much a generalisation (and sorry to those who were graduated from UNSW), but it does emphasis on how the upbringing of a kid can affect that child's ability. One evening Vivian and I were chatting about bringing up Anna in Christian values. I said that if we have a baby boy in the future, I have to make sure that he will be brought up knowing how to lead and take initiative. But then when I looked at myself, and pondered how can I be a model to my future kids. I have just started picking up some pieces, and have wondered whether I am already over the cut-off age.

Guys at church generally lack this "leadership" thing. Guys can sometimes just stand there eating supper and talking about the latest games, and let the girls busily moving the tables around.