Tag For

Social bookmarking service provider now supports "for:username" tag to send the links to another user. It would be useful to push links to those who have no idea how to subscribe to an RSS feed, like your average grannies and church pastor (maybe Longhorn and IE7 can fix this?). This has enhanced, which can already be used as a personal bookmarker or community bookmarker via folksonomy, to have a third use, which is bookmarker for a specific third party.

However, would it be abused to send spam links, as Jay Knight has concerned? It would be possible to send me spams, if you tag every junk site with "for:syang", and there does not seem to have a way to block it. However, I do not think the situation will be as bad as email spams, because:

  • The links that are tagged for you will not come into your bookmarks nor inbox. You need to go to a separate URL to retrieve it.
  • You need to be a user of to tag a link, and user registration requires email verification. Many spammers would consider this too much a cost.
  • has been relative free from the spammers. A spammer, who always want to reach to a large audience, can always create hundreds of fake accounts and spam the page. So far I have not experience this happening.

Come to the worst, a much spammed will only make your "for" box useless, but it would not affect the personal and community aspect of this great bookmarking service.