Bargain Blog

I have been thinking about doing it for a while - a blog that lists all the cheap deals that we have discovered during the week, a blog that might save us a few pennies - a bargain blog. There are actually quite a few bargain blogs or hot deal listings out there on the Internet, but so far I have not visited one that is Australian-focused, as most listings are only beneficial to the Americans. I think a bargain blog would also help cheap students (or MTS) on a budget, or someone as cheap as students (i.e. Vivian and me).

So here you are, in a very basic form:

The Bargain Blog

I know the site is no where near being completed, and there ain't enough bargains either, but I have added a link so everyone can submit a bargain you have found. I am hoping to get Vivian to start blogging there as well, but I would also like to invite interested bloggers if you like to write for it.

Future product reviews will also be moved to that site.