Sony DRX-700UL

Sony DRX-700ULNew toy! While Sony has just released their new DRX-800UL double-layer external DVD burner, I have had a chance to grab a used retired model, DRX-700UL, off eBay for around one third of its retail price - delivered. It sports 8x maxiumum DVD±R write speed, 2.4x dual layer speed, USB2 and Firewire (iLINK in Sony's own jargon) interface so I can connect it to both my Dell Latitude and Apple iBook.

To test out DVD burning, I also bought a spindle of DVD-R off eBay. My observation of buying DVD media on eBay is -

  • Dual layer is heaps more expensive than single layer. I don't see why people would want to buy that unless he/she wants to pirate (cough, cought) "backup" his/her DVD collection.
  • Delivery is much more expensive than the sell price of the media. I guess it is just the scheme to evade eBay's final price fee. I got my 50 DVD-R spindle for 99 cents - plus 19 dollars compulsary delivery.

The ones I bought is highly suspecting dodgy brand, despite the words "High Quality" printed across the cover, which is quite dubious. I tried to back up our photos onto the DVD (via USB2 connection to my Latitude), and it does achieve the marked 4x DVD-R write speed. Getting it written on the disc is one thing, however I am not sure how long my data is going to stay there. Maybe it would be wise to get branded DVD±R disc to back up important data. Any good suggestion?