Simple MySQL backup

Donncha shared his simple MySQL backup script that backs up individual WordPress tables into separate .sql.gz files, and keeps a week worth of them just in case something horrible happens.

This is exactly what I did this morning! Write a simple Bash script that loops through 20+ databases, and create .sql.gz files per database. I did this to exclude some of the databases that I do not intend to backup and they used up quite a bit of space. I did not try the "weekly" thing, as I already have my own weekly incremental backups running.

for db in `echo "SHOW DATABASES;" | mysql -s`
  case "$db" in
    cache|pmadb|spamlog|test|other DB I don't intend to backup)
      mysqldump --add-drop-table -qc "$db" | \
        gzip -c > "$HOME/archive/mysql/$db.sql.gz"