Not Good Enough, ANZ!

What recently happened to me regarding getting my credit card renewed through ANZ has just proved that, it is just Not Good Enough!


I have moved from Kingsford to Daceyville over 14 months ago. Moving sux. You have to get in touch with everyone you like, don't like or indifferent about, and forward your new address and contact details just in case you missed out anything important from them. So I called ANZ's customer service, and tell them on the phone about my new mailing address. Everything is fine. I have been receiving my statements, and have arranged automatic payments to always pay my credit card bill on time.

Fast forward to June 2005 - my credit card is expiring this month, and I have not yet received my new replacement card. All the providers that I set up automatic payments for kept on "reminding" me to have my card detail updated. So I called up ANZ last night trying to find out what's going on. And it turned out - Aarrgghh!! they sent the replacement card to Kingsford, the place where I had not lived over the last 14 months!! I have no idea why their customer service department is using a different database than the card issuing department, and I don't know what else have I missed that got sent to the old address instead. Ridiculous...

In order to re-issue my new cards, I was then handed to the lost card department, so that they can cancel previously issued cards and dispatch new cards to me. That immediately renders my current credit card, which still have 10 days left before it expires, a piece of useless plastic. What??!!! The new cards will not be here for another 5 business days, and meanwhile, I will have no Internet banking as my access account is linked to my credit card. Neither I nor Vivian with a supplement card can make purchase, pay bills, shop on-line, etc with our ANZ credit cards. And I also need to risk the possibility that scheduled payments would bounce due to invalid card numbers.

How can this be acceptable? Having two separate database to keep customers' details, but only updating one when customer requests a change? Denying customers' access to his own money, before a new card can be issued? Especially with a credit card that actually charges annual fee - shouldn't I expect premium customer service?

Not good enough.


Alright. I sent in a complaint via their on-line form, in a more passive wording. Not sure whether anyone would see it, but if they stuff up again, I shall find someone else to keep my money.

Update: Reading through some of my posts, and realised that it wasn't the first time ANZ stuffed up big time on the help desk.