Long Weekend

You would think that a 3 day long-weekend would give people an extra 24 hours of resting, but I did wake up more tired this morning than other average Mondays. Ouch. I am physically tired, but this week I only have 4 days for recovery.

Highlight on Saturday was steamboat with my bible study group. Way too much food. Sichuan cilli paste was too hot. But we all enjoyed it very much. Great bonding for the bible study group as well.

MBF Bible Study Group Steamboat
Steamboat: almost finished...

Sunday after regular church and bible study, MBF were privileged to have BBQ at SS's place. Again, way too much food (except the Taiwanese sausage). I think neither Vivian nor I had "proper" dinner on both Saturday and Sunday due to how much we had eaten for lunch. And talking about waking up on Monday not feeling hungry...

Monday was relaxing - went shopping in Hurstville and had lunch there. Came back, had a nap, and played with Anna for the rest of day. Didn't do any real work :)

I guess the real reason for my tiredness is staying up late last night eBaying, blogging and a bit of webmastering. My bad.