Television What you see in the picture is not a pile of computer parts that just happen to lie on the floor. It is, however, my new television set in our living room. And total TV time for Scott over the last two days: 30 minutes.

And that was already quite an achievement. A big step for Scott, that is, who has not owned a TV set in his household since he moved down to Sydney in 1995. That's right - 10 years!! Most people have learnt the fact with disbelief, but somehow I had survived the decade without loosing my side of humanity. Not that I explicitly abstain from he evil box, as someone might call it, but I just don't find a need to watch it.

But why coming back to TV again? I am not 100% certain about it either. Maybe just to check out what I have missed out? Also, Vivian also wanted to record ABC's Miffy cartoon for Anna - so we ended up investing on that pile of computer components at the corner as our HTPC and TV.

PC is a 4 year-old Duron 1Ghz running Windows XP Home previously used by Vivian as her desktop. Loaded with 2 old hard disks totally 60Gb of storage, which should be enough for around 8 hours of SD DTV recording in MPEG2. I also put in a new Compro DVB-T300 analoge/digital TV tuner, a new MSI PC54G2 802.11g WiFi card, and a no-name brand 400Watt power supply to handle the load. All purchased from eBay. Also bought a used Microsoft wireless keyboard+mouse from eBay as well, so I can remote control the PC from a distance.

Monitor is Dell E1905FP 19" LCD, which I wrote about here. It's big on the desk, but feels a bit small for a living room. Digital TV is very clear through our external antenna, but I have not had a chance to try recording yet.

I still need to fix up the TV cabinet, which we bought raw from Knott's Pine. It has been sitting in the toilet at the back for 2 weeks, stained but not yet clear-coated. Might need to do that this weekend. Then our TV project is complete!

Now the question is, what is worth watching on TV these days?