Revolution the cheapest?

I have received a promotional email today (read "opt-in spams") on one of the latest mobile phone reseller in Australia, I nearly jumped for joy. Revolution Telecom, who claims to have Australia's cheapest pre-paid mobile SIM, is reselling Vodafone's network, and has the following offer:

  • 9.9 cents per 30 seconds
  • 20 cents SMS
  • 20 cents flagfall
  • call charges never expire

Looks fantastic. Especially the call rates - about half of what I am paying at the moment. And with credits that never expire, there is no need to worry about not using my phones enough!

Until I read the fine text on all the hidden charges...

  • Network fee - 15 cents per day! What?! While the call credits do not suddenly disappear on the expiration day, but they do get deducted progressively. With $20 credit (which usually last me 6 months on iSIM), it would not even last 5 months without making any calls.

  • Recharge fee - 50 cents per recharge! Apparently those revolutionists think that paying each day to stay with them is not enough, they will charge you more for giving them money. Without even starting to use your credits, you've lost 90 seconds of call already (20 cents flagfall + 9.9cents x 3).

  • Customer-paid support - $2 flagfall + 20 cents/minute from mobile or $1.95 from landline. With MNP easily accessible, I think it might be cheaper to "churn" than to call the support of your provider.

So at the end of the day, we have one new mobile phone reseller on the market that is really "revolutionary" by charging users expensive fees that were used to be free, and then excused themselves by saying that these were necessary for cheaper rates...