Google Web Accelerator

Google Web AcceleratorGoogle has just launched their web accelerator product, which installed locally on your desktop, opens port localhost:9100 to listen to proxy requests, modify your web browser's configuration to use a Proxy Auto-Config file downloaded from there, and then start optionally serving web pages from Google's gigantic cache farm.

It also gives you extra toolbar buttons on your web browser (Firefox or IE) that tells you that how much time you have saved by using its web accelerator. I have been playing with it for the last half hour, and so far here's how much time Google has saved me:.

Time saved by Google web accelerator: 0.0 second

Not only it has not yet saved me time, yet it has already wasted my valuable time downloading it, installing it, configuring it, figuring out how it works, and then writing a blog entry about it.

On a side note, here is the Slashdot discussion on Google Web Accelerator. Many people were worried that what Google is going to do with our browsing history. A big company with a lot of private information, has just gone public with shareholders eagerly waiting for dividends - I am not sure what kind of evil is about to be revealed. There are also concerns that Google might insert AdSense through their proxy server, or having Blogger NavBar on all pages you have visited! Then there's privacy concerns...

Then this interesting comment has caught my eyes. This guy protested that how can people believe in an all knowing God, when they cannot cope with fact that there is a big company that might know a lot of you.

But my take on this issue it - why fear when there is nothing to fear about? No need to fear God when you are right with him. No need to fear Google (or other Big brothers) when there is nothing ugly we need to hide...