Twenty Nine

Yeah. One more ride on this blue planet around the sun will bring the number to the utterly evil big three-oh. Hopefully it will be a slow ride...

Birthday "congratulations" coming from all over the places today. Ex-course mates ICQ'ed me saying things like "now we are the same age and I feel so much better". No - it is not funny getting another year older.

On Sunday Vivian and I took a new comer, G, to our group lunch after the Bible studies. We were chatting on the way there. Because we had a common friend, J, G was trying to guess how old I was. G regards J as one generation older than her, so she guessed... "Maybe 27?" well, I had to confess that I was almost 29. "Oh, that's almost as old as J!!" Aarggh! I took that as an insult as J was more than 3 years older than me. But then I guess G just put Vivian and I into J's generation. Shudder.

Time to go home now - gotta start preparing for this Friday's seminar.