DELL E1905FP at work

Dell E1905FP UltraSharp New toy at work! Dell E1905FP UltraSharpTM 19 inch LCD monitor right in front of my desk, and this thing is massive. Oh well, some developers got two for dual display, and that is spelt MASSIVE. I am hooking it up to my Dell Latitude D600, and its 14" screen is small, dim, lack of contrast, and a little bit too sharp for my eyes. After working with our new E1905FP for a few hours in the afternoon (mostly coding inside Vim under SSH sessions), here is my initial impression:

  • Oh, so big :)
  • Very bright. Factory default for brightness is 100, and I have to drop it to 75 to avoid being blinded by its glare (no, only kidding).
  • Very dark. Actually, the correct word is very high contrast. You'll never find pitch darkness in LCD monitors, but this one is very close.
  • Not as sharp as I like. It might be because I am running it on D-Sub instead of DVI. The resolution (1280x1024) is also no comparison to my notebook's (1400x1050). But the text is clear enough for coding all day.

I am still getting used to looking at two monitors with very different characteristics at the same time...