Culture Difference

In the April 2005 issue of In The Black magazine, there is an interesting article "Where is your manner?" designed for business travellers so they'll know how to behave appropriately in different cultures. Out of the 10 trivial questions, I could only answer 4 correctly - and that was only because the background culture for these questions were Australia, Taiwan and China! For example, take this one:

  1. When meeting a potential business partner in France, if you use the gesture that in North America, Britain and Australia means 'OK' (thumb and index finger joined together), according to his culture you're saying:
    1. You can't hear him
    2. You think he's worthless
    3. You find him attractive

Yeah. Just don't do that when you travel to France next time! (Check the article for the answer). And here's one about Taiwan:

  1. When dining with a host in Taiwan, it is most polite for you to:
    1. Eat everything on your plate, regardless of odour, texture or taste
    2. Leave something on your plate at the end of the meal or your host might think that you are still hungry
    3. Offer your host something from your plate as a sign of generosity

No wonder many Taiwanese have jokingly replaced greetings like 'Hello' and 'Good morning' with 'Have you had enough food?'