Yahoo 360 Invites

Thanks to Oliver T for inviting me into testing out the Yahoo! 360 beta. I haven't had a chance to dip into it yet, but after a brief looking around, Y! 360 certainly looks very polished. While blog integrated social networking sites have been done to death over the last couple of years (I am on Friendster, Orkut, Multiply, LinkedIn, many others that I don't remember, and now Y! 360). However, I can forsee the user base of Yahoo! would make 360 a far more interesting and dynamic product.

Anyone wants an invite? Leave a comment with your email in it.

Update: Actually, I found the "invitation ticket" works a bit different from GMail. After sending out a few invitations this morning, I still have 100 of them left! It appears that you can only have 100 invitations pending, but right after the invited person signed up, you'll get the ticket back...

Update: Alex has kindly set up a site for people who want to offer or people who want Yahoo! 360 invites. So if you are interested in getting an invite for yourself, and do not personally know me, please head to instead. From now one I'll not give out invites to those who I have not met personally in life.

Update: Please head to linked above if you want invites! I am now only giving out invites to those I know. All other comments posted here will go straight to /dev/null.