Testing BlogMarks

Having used Del.icio.us for the last 5 months as my live bookmark manager, I have found a fancier implementation of the same social bookmarking concept today - BlogMarks. Having spent the last 10 minutes playing with it, I have quickly imported all my Del.icio.us bookmarks (thanks to the built-in Del.icio.us importer), added a few new entries, and am generally happy about it. Here is a list of extra features that I love about BlogMarks over Del.icio.us:

  • Public or private tags - I know the whole idea of social bookmarking is to share your bookmark with everyone else. However, it would be impossible to switch 100% to a public on-line bookmark system without some privacy. No, I don't want you to see some of my links. Being able to set some links/tags to be "private" is very useful.
  • Nice looking user interface - looks much better than Del.icio.us. Actually, anything looks better than Del.icio.us, even though you can argue that it is putting functionality on a higher priority.
  • Snapshoots - when you bookmark a page, it makes a thumbnail snapshoot of what the page looks like. You now not only be able to recall old links with subjects and descriptions, but also images.
  • Weighted tags - instead of just listing them down alphabetically, it gives each tag different weight, depending on the number of bookmark entries related to that tag. Heavier tag has bigger fonts, which is quite visually effective.
  • "Via" field - just another field that helps you to remember where you have stolen this link from. There are tricks to achieve the same on Del.icio.us, but it is nice to have this feature natively supported.
  • Import/export - easy to use import and export feature directly from the web interface, and there is no need to write a single line of code! Importing from RSS/Atom feeds, Mozilla bookmarks.html or a Del.icio.us account. It can also exports to a zipped Atom file.

Somethings that I consider Del.icio.us better than BlogMarks:

  • Speed - Del.icio.us is super light weight and fast, even when it has many more concurrent users. Probably due to its slim interface, but I suspect that it is also equiped a much optimised internal design.
  • Popularity - you can easily have hundreds or even thousands of people linking to a popular site on Del.icio.us. del.icio.us/popular has significantly more meaningful content than BlogMarks' equivalent page. At the end, more people involved, better a social network will be.
  • API - besides a flexible URL for tags, Del.icio.us also provides its REST-styled API documentation for developers who want to hack/automate tasks involving their bookmarks. BlogMarks API also exists, but not public available yet.

I'll switch to BlogMarks just for its public/private entries and tags. But since it is relatively young, I think I'll still post my links to both services for a while.