Gmail in w3m

Finally!! Finally Google has decided to support old legacy browsers in their still-in-beta Gmail service. Extracted from

Not just any old computer. Actually, yes, any old computer! Basic HTML view lets you access your Gmail messages from almost any computer running almost any web browser, even old ones (not just IE5.5+, Mozilla, and Safari). Especially great for traveling, since you never know what kind of browser that internet cafe in Siberia is going to have...

Not sure about Siberia, but I myself is a fan of text-mode browsers, especially w3m in particular. I am so excited that it is possible to check my Gmail from an ssh session! Here's an example: receiving an Internet scam via Gmail inside putty-Cygwin (100x40) on Windows XP (classic theme).

Gmail in w3m inside putty-Cygwin

Who needs Firefox :)