Blacklisted (and it is real this time)

9:30pm at night and got an ICQ message from Wilson, asking whether I have noticed that Yahoo is now labeling my server as bulk mail sender. So immediately I tested sending different messasges (all legitimate with non-spammy content), originated from different domains to one of my Yahoo account, and everyone of them landed in the Bulk mail folder! What the?!

Click on "Full Headers" reveals what Yahoo SpamGuard has done:


Sounds like my IP address has just been black listed, and it affects every single email originated from this IP - including personal emails sent by myself! In fact, I don't recall myself sending any unsolicited commercial email lately, nor have I infected by virus - the mail server is guarded well with firewalls and anti-virii software. Who knows how my IP address ended up over there?! Anyway, if you are using Yahoo, and you are expecting an email from me (or from one of the FOCUS mailing lists), then please check your bulk mail folder. You might find surprises there...

What steps should I take? I might write to Yahoo complaining about the situation. If you have my emails (or other FOCUS related emails) in the bulk folder, please select them and mark them explicitly as "Not Spams" - maybe this can somehow re-train the filter.

Hopefully it is only temporary.

Updated 11 Feb 2005 @ 9:35am: Instead of asking Postfix to send emails directly to the destination, I am having it relaying to Exetel's SMTP box. It seems to be working now, and all mails appear in Inbox!