What 43 things do you want to do?

It has been a month and half since the beginning of this new year, but just in case you have not had your new year resolution planned, this social networking site allows you to put in up to 43 things that you want to do, blog about them, keep track of your progress, and share with someone else who might also want to do the same. Quite a brilliant idea, except I have huge difficulties coming up with enough things that I really want to do.

One particular thing that I really to achieve is stop procrastinating, and it turns out 500+ others also desire the same. However, the very fact that I was still mingling with 43 Things site in the middle of night, while "trying" to work on the MBFri seminar that I need to present today, shows that it would be quite a while before I can confidently click on that "I've reached this goal" button.