Despite being procrastinating, I guess somewhere along the line you just have to write that inevitable new year resolution post. So there, here it is my attempt.

Things that I want to do in 2005.

  • Spend more time with Vivian and Anna. Done that over the last two long weekends, and I really treasured that.
  • Read more books - English or Chinese, fictions or articles, Christianity or technology, whatever. And blog them if you guys are lucky.
  • Pick up my guitars again. Haven't been playing for the last few years, and being "rusty" is way too kind to describe my situation.
  • Have more exercise. Play sports, jog around, or just spend more time on the step machine at home that has turned quite dusty as it has been rarely used.
  • Write more. Write things that are useful. Write things that are interesting. Write things that are edifying, and don't write things that are merely self-seeking.
  • Learn some new tricks. PyObjC, Objective Caml, .NET/Mono, Laszlo, and the list goes on. Maybe I'll aim to learn Mono by the end of the year, just in case .NET disappears into nowhere in 2 years :)

And then in 2006, I'll come back to this topic again, skip completely the reflection on the previous year.