Previewing 2

Having used 1.9.62 for the last couple of days (while m65 has just been made public today), I gotta say that the up-coming 2 is really impressive. Functionality wise it has quite a lot of enhancement, and is already far exceeding my needs. Visual wise it looks great - no more "emulated" user interface that does not look right on any platform, but now OO.o 2 uses native platform widgets. It also has a new database engine that rivals Microsoft Access (well, not quite). Compatibility wise, it has no issue loading all my MS Office documents. All saved documents are conforming to the OpenDocument format, and now have file name extensions .od[cdgw]. The future of open source office suite is looking bright.

But then I accidentally clicked on the menu item "About", and Horror!

About 1.9.62

What a big hack :)

Just a comparison between Microsoft Word and the new Writer. Writer vs. MS Word

Aren't they look alike?!

Updated 21 Dec 2004: The Inquirer ran the same story on previewing 2, with quite a few screenshots. The one they looked at is m65.