News Today

Interesting news that I've collected today - things happening to the people that I know.

First of all, congratulation to the Gajus family! I heard it from Vivian while at work today that Zac was delivered at home, as it all came pretty quickly. Oops. But I hope everything would be okay. More news should be rolling out from the Pelita bloggers at soon.

Second great news came from Gary, who was my course mate for 4 years and my colleague for 7 months, that he was engaged! We have never met his fiance - actually we only knew that he has a girl friend until recently. In fact, none of my other close course mates have seen his fiance. But anyway it is a great news, and she also happened to be ministry minded. Hopefully they will be God's utilities to serve Mandarin/Taiwanese speaking churches.

Thirdly, another great news that I received from email today that Ernest L, an ex-FOCUS went back to Hong Kong many years ago whom I often played basketball with, is getting married at the end of this month. All these weddings - I thought we just had our Spring!

Finally, through chatting on ICQ I discovered that another girl we know is now going out. Vivian quickly gave that person a call to ensure everything is "alright", i.e. whether that Mr. Right is a Christian as well. More story should be developed in the next two weeks.

That's it for the rumour mill today :)