Need a Phone

I think I need a new mobile phone.

The four and three quarter years old Nokia 8210 has not been stable lately. Bought it for Vivian in March 2000, and it survived quite a few drops before it got knocked out with no reception. Got it fixed in Hong Kong 2 years ago with a chip replacement, and I had been using it since. The display went dead a few months ago, and I need to press the LCD firmly to see any text. Then early this week the battery would last only 4 hours of standby time, i.e. fully charged in the morning and dry by lunch time. This morning it just does not boot pass the Nokia "Welcome" screen, even with power plugged in.


I am currently phone-less now, so there is no need to call me on my mobile. And I need to find a replacement pretty soon. Want a decent solid phone that would last years at a cheap price with no contract, if anything like that does exist.