Got My New Phone

Nokia 1100 The phone that I ordered through iSim has finally arrived yesterday, and my life without a mobile phone has came to an end. Not that I have missed much though, as last night when I turned the phone on and got connected back to the network for the first time in nearly a week, I have no missed call nor any SMS message (you can configure iSim to send you a SMS for missed calls instead of diverting to voice mail). I started wondering why do I need a phone...

The phone I bought was the cheapest Nokia that I can find, which is Nokia 1100 in this case, and I can confirm that it is indeed a no-frills phone after I have received it. Made in Korea instead of Finland, cheap plasticy cover, no polyphonic ring tone, no 16 bit colour screen, no camera, no FM radio, no MP3 and certainly no Java games. I am glad that it does have a monochrome back-lit screen to provide some feedback on the numbers I have actually pressed, as the rubber padded buttons were indeed not very responsive.

At least it looks rugged enough to survive some abuses, and its simplicity means it will probably out last those super-computer-in-a-cell-phone. Most importantly, it lets me dial a number or receive a call - at least I think (and hope) it would. So far I have no yet rang anyone on it, nor have I received any calls.

By the way, I have a SIM card from iSim with $50 credit, and I am afraid that I would not be able to use that much in 6 months (I've only used $10 in 3 months). Anyone from FOCUS interested to buy it?